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What to pay attention to when storing molecular sieve

As for molecular sieve, many friends don't know much about it. In fact, it is synthetic and has many advantages. For example, it can purify waste gas. So now it is used in many fields. Many friends don't know some precautions when storing and using molecular sieve, which may lead to some problems. Only by correctly understanding the storage method can we play the excellent role of molecular sieve, Now let's give you a detailed description of what should be paid attention to in the storage of molecular sieve and what should be paid attention to in the actual operation of molecular sieve.

What are the precautions for the storage of molecular sieve?

1. Molecular sieve is easy to absorb moisture. It should not be directly exposed to the air during storage and should be placed in a dry place. Molecular sieves that have been stored for a long time and have absorbed moisture should be regenerated before use.

2. Molecular sieve shall be free of oil and liquid water. Oil can block the pores of molecular sieve. Especially during regeneration, it is possible to carbonize the oil and cause hole plugging. For the gas containing oil, the oil gas and oil water should be separated before the molecular sieve tower. Due to the heat release of molecular sieve when absorbing water, there will be a large amount of heat release when liquid water directly contacts with molecular sieve. Danger may occur or the performance of molecular sieve may be damaged.

3. During regeneration and switching of molecular sieve tower under pressure, the internal pressure drop of the tower shall be slowly reduced. If the pressure drop speed is too fast, the molecular sieve particles may be broken and pulverized.

What are the precautions in the actual operation of molecular sieve?

(1) If the molecular sieve program control valve fails, contact the site personnel and instrument personnel to arrive before opening the valve; During valve opening, it is necessary to open the manual valve. After the on-site personnel feedback that the valve has been opened, the internal operator checks that the signal is normal, and then the program is put into automatic mode for the next step.

(2) During the switching of molecular sieve, the internal operator should strengthen the monitoring and handle the abnormalities in time.

(3) During the heating of molecular sieve, the liquid level of regenerator heater shall be controlled at about 10 ℃.

(4) If there is serious internal leakage in the drain self-regulating valve, contact the on-site personnel to close the condensate hand valve after the molecular sieve heating is completed to ensure that the liquid level does not drop.

Through the above introduction, we already know the various properties and storage methods of molecular sieves. When storing molecular sieves, we can refer to the above methods. We should put them in a dry environment. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the problem of regeneration. If the temperature of regeneration is not well controlled, it may lead to the deactivation of molecular sieves, so we must be careful. In addition, in the actual operation, we should strictly follow the specified requirements, and do not do some operation at will, so as not to affect its performance.

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