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What is the nature and use of alumina?

The molecular formula of alumina is Al2O3, the melting point is 2054, and the boiling point is 2980. The alumina is insoluble in water and soluble in cryolite. Alumina is an amphoteric oxide, which will form aluminate when it reacts with alkali and aluminum salt of the acid when it reacts with acid.

The active alumina manufacturer believes that there are more than ten types of known homogeneous and heterogeneous crystals of alumina, of which - AL2O3, Beta-AL2O3 and ALA-AL2O3 (corundum) are the main three crystal forms. According to the different structure, the properties of alumina are also different, but alumina is completely converted to alpha-al_2o_3 at a high temperature above 1300 ℃.

Properties of alumina

Angle of repose: The angle of repose refers to the inclination of the material naturally accumulated on a smooth surface. This angle is an indicator of the fluidity of alumina. The smaller the angle, the better the fluidity of alumina. It is easier to dissolve in the electrolyte during the electrolysis process, which can better cover the electrolyte shell and has less flight loss.

Specific surface area: Specific surface area is an indicator of the chemical activity of alumina. The statistical method of this area is the sum of external area per unit mass and internal hole surface area. The larger the surface area, the better the chemical activity of alumina and the easier it is to dissolve.

Impression: Impression refers to the residual crystal water content in alumina.

Cumulative density: Cumulative density is also called bulk density. Indicates the mass of the unit volume item in the natural state. Generally speaking, alumina with small cumulative density is the electrolyte with fast dissolution rate.

Wear index: wear index is also the strength index of alumina. The lower the wear index, the greater the strength of alumina.

A-Al203 content: the roasting degree of alumina is related to the content of Al2O3 in the finished alumina. The higher the content of Al2O3, the more sufficient the roasting will be- High Al2O3 content will reduce the hygroscopicity of alumina, but the solubility of ALA-AL2O3 in electrolyte is worse than that of LON-A203.

Particle size: particle size represents the thickness of alumina particles. Too coarse particles will slow down the dissolution rate of alumina in the electrolyte and even precipitate, and too fine alumina will fly to cause loss.

Use of alumina

Alumina can be found in many fields, such as electronics, petroleum, chemicals, refractories, ceramics, plastics, textiles, paper making, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is generally aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide with special properties. But now more than 90% of alumina is used as raw material for electrolytic smelting of aluminum.

At present, the active alumina manufacturers believe that there are a wide variety of non-gold alumina, including more than 300 kinds. Each type has excellent physical and chemical properties, but the price is also much higher than that of non-gold alumina.

Active alumina manufacturers take high-purity super alumina with excellent characteristics such as high melting point, high hardness, resistance, mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance as an example. Single crystal materials, advanced ceramics, artificial bones, semiconductors, polishing materials, integrated circuit boards, tape fillers, catalysts and their carriers. From the current attention of domestic alumina production enterprises, many enterprises are working hard to develop low sodium alumina, ultra-fine AI203, high-purity alumina, activated alumina, sprayed alumina, V-AI203, aluminum hydroxide, pseudo bobao aluminum, aluminum hydroxide gel and other alumina production.

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